5 Questions We Want Answered in Sherlock Series Four


Written by Lauren Shultz

Cliffhangers. They spectacularly do their job of getting you excited for the next installment but they also tear you to pieces with the angonising wait until it is resolved. Sherlock of course has some of the most nail-bitingly dramatic cliffhangers on TV, as we already saw at the end of both Series One and Two. Unfortunately for Sherlock fans, these cliffhangers are never resolved quickly. And, better yet, Mofftis have introduced a bunch more for us to stress over at the end of Series Three! Here are the top five unanswered questions that we want answered in Series Four.


5. What is the fate of John and Mary’s marriage?


Even after all the things that Mary has lied to John about, he forgives her and takes her back. Well, that’s what he tells her, anyway. Personally, I don’t see a forgiving look on John’s face in this picture. Will John and Mary stay together after their baby is born? If they separate, will John move back to 221b? We will surely find out the answer to these questions comes Series Four.


4. What will happen to Baby Watson?


Firstly, will it be a boy or a girl? At the end of His Last Vow, Sherlock gives John a few boy baby name suggestions, so he obviously assumed it was a boy. John said that he and Mary were pretty sure it was a girl, but I trust Sherlock’s instinct just a little more. And, if John and Mary do separate, who will keep the baby? Will we have the joy of watching Sherlock try to look after it? Only time will tell.


3. Mrs. Hudson? A drug addict?!


Even though this was a somewhat subtle revelation, as Magnussen is walking into 221b, he analyses Mrs. Hudson and has listed her “pressure point” as marijuana. Remember her “herbal soothers” from A Study in Pink? And later in His Last Vow, Sherlock asks her to get him some morphine from her kitchen, and he gets angry when she says she doesn’t have any. Could Mrs. Hudson really have a drug problem? It seems so unexpected from such a sweet woman (then again, she and her husband used to run a drug cartel).


2. Who is the third Holmes brother?

Sherlock 2 Specials Shoot 30th July 2011

At the end of His Last Vow, Mycroft very casually states “I am not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one.” As if this episode wasn’t shocking enough, practically all of the viewers at this point threw confused looks at each other saying “What? What did he just say?” Unless every single one of us misinterpreted this, Mycroft just told us that he and Sherlock have another brother. Who is he and what happened to him? And, if he appears, who could play him?


1. Is Moriarty back?


Well, obviously this would be number one. At the end of Series Two, the infamous criminal mastermind shot himself on St. Bart’s rooftop (right in front of Sherlock), but during the last 30 seconds of Series Three, a video plays on every screen in England with him saying “Did you miss me?” Is he really back for another face-off with Sherlock? (Read our thoughts on the matter over on 5 Potential Sherlock Series 4 Villains”) If he is alive, how did he do it? How did he fake Sherlock into thinking he had really killed himself? These are probably the most pressing questions on everyone’s minds and the reason waiting for Series Four has been excruciating for the fans.


Have any other cliffhangers from Series Three that weren’t mentioned? Leave a comment below!

15 thoughts on “5 Questions We Want Answered in Sherlock Series Four

  1. I don’t think Sherlock or his brother actually ever SAID that moriarty was dead. Sure, they stold a similar body of sherlock from the morge and stuff but really, he could have escaped with a “can do can’t do to save your friends list” told to Sherlock as another puzzle. Remember. He’s (M) borde and dangerous.


  2. What happened to the Black Tong?
    (Or however that Chinese mafia spells it)

    What did Magnussen have on Janine that was strong enough to let him flick her in the eyeball, but not enough to stop her from selling her story to a competitor?

    If Anderson is such an idiot, why is he suddenly working for Mycroft?

    Exotic dancing? Really?

    Speaking of dancing, when will Sherlock get to use his dancing skills on a case?

    Where’s the Golem?

    When will it occur to Mycroft to just renew his offer to pay John to spy on Sherlock, and make all three of them happier?

    What does AGRA stand for?

    And why did Moffit decide to turn Sherlock into a magician instead of a detective?
    (Presenting the end deduction without the evidence leading up to it, like when he walks into the restaurant and sees “expectant father” floating in the air. The whole appeal of detective stories is to be presented with the same evidence, and see if you can reach the right deductions before the detective can.)

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    • 1.) They continue to exist in China. Their presence in the series is irrelevant, save for the episode they were in to introduce the length of Moriarty’s reach.

      2.) Why is that important?

      3.) What gives you the impression that Anderson is an idiot? Because Sherlock calls him one? Really, he must have gotten his job based on some merits.

      4.) Yes.

      5.) No.

      6.) Why is that important?

      7.) Why would it need to be renewed? John already reports to Mycroft about is worry for Sherlock.

      8.) It’s not important. That was the point of throwing it away. To John, and therefore to the reader/watcher, it is unnecessary information that we don’t need to care about as much as he doesn’t. Mary is Mary.

      9.) It’s called inductive reasoning, and hasn’t been a stranger to the show. Sherlock Holmes in the series ‘Sherlock’ uses inductive reasoning instead of deductive, for the most part. It’s a reflection of his character, personality, and addiction in a modern world.


  3. I think Moriarty has a twin brother Jim & James. But i wonder if Sherlock & Molly will finally get together…as much as Sherlock can be


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  6. No. Sorry.
    It was over-long for the amount of content, confusing, frustrating and quite frankly – just boring. The story just didn’t go anywhere. It substituted wacky time shifts for any constructed narrative.
    I loved the original series but this just felt like flogging a dead horse. Should have let it lie.


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