Steven Moffat: Next Week’s Sherlock Episode is a “Very Finale Finale”


How you doing there? Still reeling for yesterday’s heart-wrenching, stomach-clenching episode of Sherlock? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got something to calm you down… Only kidding.

The cast and crew of the show have been open for a while that this could be the last ever series. Now, creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have hinted that next week’s third episode could very well be the end.

“It’s a grand old finale. It’s a very very finale finale,” said Moffat, at the BAFTA screening for ‘The Lying Detective’.

“It’s the most like a Universal Sherlock Holmes that we’ve ever done,” Gatiss added. “It’s like a Basil Rathbone one. It’s absolutely crazy.”

Intriguing comments, I’m sure you’ll agree. If you are not familiar with the Basil Rathbone WW2-set movies, they are known for being more adventure-orientated capers rather than straight-laced murder mysteries – much like Sherlock. A common trope of the series is that Moriarty would often come back from the dead. Take from that what you will.

As for it being a “finale finale” – what could that mean? Will our heroes make it out alive?

Only one week to go until we find out.


Radio Times


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