5 Best Quotes from The Empty Hearse

sherlock-series-3- john

Written by Stephanie Bell

Sherlock fans had to wait a long time to find out how the detective faked his death—two years! But their patience was rewarded with a crackling episode filled with emotion and suspense. How would Sherlock reveal himself to John? Would they still be friends? Would they still solve cases? How would Mary fit into the picture? So many questions! Thankfully, there were answers—some of which you’ll find out here in our run-down of the best quotes from “The Empty Hearse”!


5. “What life? I’ve been away.” – Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock is surprised to learn from Mycroft that John has “got on with his life” in the two years since Sherlock jumped off the roof of St. Bart’s. Sherlock’s reaction to learning that John moved away from Baker Street hilariously illustrates Sherlock’s misguided view, that, like the earth, he believes he is the centre of the universe.


4. “I am certainly endeavoring to, sir.” – Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock plans to surprise John with being “not dead” while John is at a posh restaurant about to propose to Mary. As ever, Sherlock’s timing leaves something to be desired—he pretends to be a waiter with an outrageous French accent from whom John is trying to order champagne. It feels like an eternity before John looks up to see Sherlock, but when he finally does, just as he’s about to pop the question, his reaction is gut-wrenching. Leave it to Sherlock to intrude upon such a personal moment and make it about himself!


2. “Are you really going to keep that?” – Sherlock Holmes


John’s “ageing” moustache is an ongoing joke in “The Empty Hearse.” Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock, and Mary all tease him about it. John finally shaves it off after “six months of bristly kisses” for poor Mary. Sherlock teases John repeatedly about his moustache and gets a bloody nose and cut lip for his trouble. It may not be the best time to tease your friend about his facial hair after you’ve just revealed yourself to be alive after two years of letting him grieve.


2. “The best and wisest man I’ve ever known…” – John Watson


Jumping to the end of the episode now, when John thinks he and Sherlock are trapped in a tube carriage rigged to explode (under parliament!) John gives an honest appraisal of what he thinks of Sherlock, saying how he forgives him for faking his death because he is so glad that he’s alive. Of course, Sherlock is faking yet again and they are not in any danger! The best and wisest man – really, John?


1. “I calculated that there were 13 possibilities once I invited Moriarty up onto the roof. I wanted to avoid dying if at all possible.” – Sherlock Holmes


Finally, we find out how Sherlock faked his death! The elaborate hoax required precise timing, the cooperation of a small army of conspirators, and the availability of a corpse meeting specific requirements. We won’t say any more so that you can enjoy the reveal if you haven’t yet seen this episode. If you haven’t, go watch it now! If you have, well, why not watch it again?


Tell us your favourite “The Empty Hearse” quote in the comments!

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