Other Sherlock Fan Pages

This site began as a spin-off from a Facebook fan page dedicated to Sherlock. As such, we don’t want to forget our roots and so below is a collection of other Sherlock fan pages who deserve your attention.

Andrew’s Scotties

The Baker Street Babes 

Benedict Cumberbatch

Fans Sherlock

Jim Moriarty – Consulting Criminal 

Keep Calm and Watch Sherlock

The Madman and the Sociopath

My Best Friend, Sherlock, is dead. Message Alert: WRONG 

No, no I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you 

Petition to have Benedict Cumberbatch host Saturday Night Live

Potterlocks For Life


Sherlock Holmes Games

Sherlockians Holmes

Sherlockophobia – The Fear of Being Bored

Sherlock Universe

Sir Sherlock Holmes

The Superwholockian Strikes Back

We are Holmies 

Wholock All the Way

If you run a Sherlock page and would like it to feature on this list, contact us here or through our Facebook page, which you can access via the widget on the right.


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