Other Sherlock Fan Pages

This site began as a spin-off from a Facebook fan page dedicated to Sherlock. As such, we don’t want to forget our roots and so below is a collection of other Sherlock fan pages who deserve your attention.

Andrew’s Scotties

The Baker Street Babes 

Benedict Cumberbatch

Fans Sherlock

Jim Moriarty – Consulting Criminal 

Keep Calm and Watch Sherlock

The Madman and the Sociopath

My Best Friend, Sherlock, is dead. Message Alert: WRONG 

No, no I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you 

Petition to have Benedict Cumberbatch host Saturday Night Live

Potterlocks For Life


Sherlock Holmes Games

Sherlockians Holmes

Sherlockophobia – The Fear of Being Bored

Sherlock Universe

Sir Sherlock Holmes

The Superwholockian Strikes Back

We are Holmies 

Wholock All the Way

If you run a Sherlock page and would like it to feature on this list, contact us here or through our Facebook page, which you can access via the widget on the right.

One thought on “Other Sherlock Fan Pages

  1. Hi thinking of selling my bag used on the television series Sherlock. Thinking of selling it on eBay and wondered how much interest there might be. It is the actual one used.


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