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Sherlock John

Hello and welcome to Sherlocks Home, a fansite dedicated to all things Sherlock! To make this site the best it can be we are always on the look-out for new contributors.

If you are interested in joining our team please send us an example of one of the following:

1) A news feature – A write-up of a Sherlock-related news item e.g. ‘Sherlock Series Four to start filming Spring 2016.’ Please credit, and link to, the source(s) from which you got your information. Word count: 300-500 words

2) A list article – A Sherlock-related Top Five list. e.g. ‘Top Five Mycroft Moments.’ Word count: 500 words.

3) A discussion piece – An article discussing a certain aspect of Sherlock. e.g. ‘Sherlock Special Trailer: What does it all mean?’ Word count: 500-700 words.

4) A review – A review of a Sherlock-related product or production e.g. The Imitation GameWord count: 500 words.

And that’s it! Which one you pick is up to you. There is only one proviso: as this is an all-ages site, please refrain from using gratuitous profanity or deliberately offensive language in your pieces. If in doubt, think: what would Sherlock say?

Just send your pieces to us via the contact form below. All submissions will be read and those who make the grade will be notified and, if suitable, their work will be shared on this site. We look forward to reading your stuff.


Many have asked if we accept fan art as well as written pieces – and the answer is yes! We’d love to receive your artwork and will do our best to feature it on the site. Just post a link to where we can see it on the web below or email it to us at sherlockshome[at]hotmail[dot]com.

The game is on!