5 Best Quotes from His Last Vow


Written by Stephanie Bell

It is hard to believe that it has been two years since Sherlock fans were eagerly devouring and discussing Series Three’s episodes. How long will we have to wait for Series Four? Not even Sherlock can deduce that one yet, as filming is not scheduled to begin until this spring. While we bide our time, here are some of our favorite quotes from the last episode of Series Three, “His Last Vow.” A villain, some vaults, and a vow—let’s break it down! Spoilers follow.


5. “Your loss would break my heart.” – Mycroft Holmes

This is a rare moment of vulnerability and honest emotion from Mike, er, Mycroft. Is it a Christmas miracle, or maybe he’s giving his little brother an unexpected and generous gift? Or is he right and he’s just being affected by “something in the punch”…


4. “Is everyone I’ve ever met a psychopath?” – John Watson

John realizes that he is attracted to danger: the war in Afghanistan, chasing criminals and solving cases with Sherlock, and marrying an identity thief/intelligence agent/assassin. This epiphany doesn’t bring John peace of mind, but understandably, confusion and anger.


3. “The problems of your past are your business. The problems of your future are my privilege.” – John Watson


After months of silence, John and Mary finally clear the air on Christmas Day. Mary had given John a USB drive inscribed with her real initials—A.G.R.A.—which contains the gory details from her former life. John decides he doesn’t want to look at its contents, throws the drive into the fire, and the expectant parents reconcile.


2. “Oh do your research, I’m not a hero, I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Merry Christmas!” – Sherlock Holmes

In the shocking penultimate scene of “His Last Vow,” Sherlock saves John and Mary by killing Magnussen. Sherlock then becomes a political liability for Mycroft,who sends him on a suicide mission. Thankfully, due to a dramatic development, he returns about four minutes later…


1. “Did you miss me?” – Jim Moriarty

In a shocking twist, just as Sherlock leaves on his mission, Moriarty returns from the dead, appearing on the screens of all electronic devices across Great Britain, with this taunting question.

This final scene in “His Last Vow” segues nicely to “The Abominable Bride” as Sherlock uses his mind palace to time travel to 1895 to work out how Moriarty came back after shooting himself in the head. We’ll have to wait for Series Four to learn more!


What are your favorite quotes from “His Last Vow”? Tell us in the comments!


2 thoughts on “5 Best Quotes from His Last Vow

  1. My favourite one is definitely No.3 from John; it was unbelievably touching! Yeah!
    The rests are ok… All right, who am I fooling here? All these quotes are awesome!


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