WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch Hugs Matt Smith at BAFTAS 2017

Fans of both Sherlock and Doctor Who have always called for a crossover between, let’s face it, Britain’s two most popular TV dramas in the world. But while the Doctor and the Detective have never rubbed shoulders, the men behind them are pretty close pals.

At the BAFTA Awards Ceremony tonight (May 14th), Benedict Cumberbatch and former Doctor Who star Matt Smith bumped into one another – and proceeded to share a warm hug. Look how happy they are to see each other!

Naturally, this has become the highlight of the evening for many people on Twitter. Because who cares about the results when Sherlock and the Doctor have just hugged?

This is the second time that Cumberbatch and Smith have had a memorable meeting at the BAFTAS. Back in 2012, the pair teamed up to present Steven Moffat (exec producer of both Sherlock and Doctor Who, donchaknow) with a Special Award. Remind yourself of that magical moment here:


2 thoughts on “WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch Hugs Matt Smith at BAFTAS 2017

  1. It is wonderful to see these two back together. I really missed them as they are both doing different projects…Matt Smith doing “The Crown” and Benedict just completed “A Child in Time” for BBC One Pure Drama series. Glad to see “my boys” back together for this and they are incredible actors in their own right. I wish them so much luck and happiness for them.


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