Sherlock Monthly Round-Up: Series Four, BAFTA Awards and Martin Freeman in Civil War


Welcome to the first of our new series of Sherlock Monthly Round-Ups (patent pending) in which we look at the Sherlock-related news and events that occured over the month. First up, May brought a rather exciting announcement…


Sherlock Series Four to start filming next Spring



A few weeks ago it was revealed that the long-awaited fourth series of Sherlock will commence filming in Spring 2016. Moffat has said that the series will deal with an “emotional upheaval” in the lives of the characters and will have “a sense of things coming back to bite you.” Meanwhile – if that hasn’t got you excited enough – the Sherlock special is expected to air this December.


Martin Freeman joins Captain America: Civil War



Here’s one that got any superhero-loving Sherlock fan salivating – Martin Freeman has joined the cast of next year’s comic book blockbuster Captain America: Civil War in a so-far undisclosed role. It is thought that Martin’s role will be a recurring one and that he might even turn up in Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie – which of course stars Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead!


Sherlock wins the Radio Times BAFTA Audience Award



At this year’s BAFTA Television Awards, Sherlock was lucky enough to win the special viewer-voted Audience Award. Hosted by the Radio Times, Sherlock defeated the likes of last year’s winner Game of Thrones, Strictly Come Dancing and Eastenders to the top spot. At the same event, Benedict sadly lost out in the category of Best Actor for which he was nominated for Sherlock.


A Sherlock Holmes Prom is happening this August



The BBC Proms is producing a special performance dedicated to the music of Sherlock Holmes. The event, which follows in the footsteps of the several previous Doctor Who Proms, will feature Holmes’ favourite music from the canon as well as that from the many film and TV versions of the character – including, of course, the scores of composers David Arnold and Michael Price for Sherlock. Mark Gatiss will also appear as a special guest and, uh, it is unfortunately sold out.


Ian McKellen in Mr Holmes

For those interested in wider Sherlockian matters, a new film about the great detective is out soon starring Ian McKellen as Holmes. The Hobbit and X-Men star plays a Sherlock very different from Mr Cumberbatch’s – the film sees Sherlock at an advanced age taking up one last case. Watch the newly-released trailer above. What do you think?


And that’s all for now, folks! Join us next month for another round-up of Sherlock news. In the meantime, feel free to read some of our recent articles.

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