5 Times Lestrade Was the Star of Sherlock


Written by Stephanie Bell

Detective Inspector Gavin – er, Greg – Lestrade is a supporting player on Sherlock, but arguably, the show’s very existence hinges on him allowing Sherlock to consult on cases. Not to mention the fact that his popularity amongst fans is nearly as huge as Sherlock’s and John’s. In honour of the birthday of actor Rupert Graves on June 30, we’d like to pay homage to the times when Lestrade stole the spotlight and was the star of Sherlock.


5. The Time Lestrade Interrupted His Holiday


In “The Hounds of Baskerville,” Lestrade shows up at The Cross Keys looking tanned and rested, just in time to conduct an impromptu inspection of the vegetarian restaurant ordering large quantities of meat. The detective helps crack the case and identify the top-secret H.O.U.N.D. The scene memorably – well, for us, not Sherlock – gave us the first mention of Lestrade’s first name: Graham – sorry, Greg.


4. The Time Lestrade Defended Sherlock’s Reputation


In “The Reichenbach Fall,” Anderson’s and Donovan’s suspicion escalates about Sherlock’s possible complicity in the crimes he is supposed to be solving. They try to convince Lestrade that they need to bring the Baker Street sleuth in for questioning about the kidnapping case. Lestrade stalls to help Sherlock, but unfortunately, he is only able to briefly delay Sherlock’s arrest.


3. The Time Lestrade Sent Maximum Back-Up


In “The Sign of Three,” Sherlock sends Lestrade a series of texts asking him urgently for help at Baker Street. Even though Lestrade is about to make a key arrest in the Waters Gang case, he rushes to help the friend who doesn’t even know his first name. Amidst an invasion of helicopters and police cars, Sherlock asks Lestrade if he has any funny anecdotes about John to help him write his best man’s speech. Sometimes you really feel for poor Greg…


2. The Time Lestrade Told Anderson to Let it Go


In “The Empty Hearse,” Lestrade and Anderson chat about whether Sherlock is really dead. Anderson has started The Empty Hearse so that Sherlock’s fans can discuss ways in which he could have faked his death. Anderson is wracked with guilt about his role in driving Sherlock to his supposed suicide. Lestrade cuts to the chase: “Yeah, well that won’t bring him back.”


1. The Time Lestrade Became a Meme


In Sherlock’s most-memed moment, as Moriarty is carrying out his crime of the century in “The Reichenbach Fall,” Sgt. Donovan rushes into Lestrade’s office to let him know about a break-in. “Not our division!” is the hilariously well-timed reply. However, soon he and Donovan are racing to respond to three masterfully orchestrated break-ins at Pentonville Prison, the Tower of London, and the Bank of England! Yet somehow the scene has already been stolen… Only Greg Lestrade can make scoffing his lunch just as cool as Moriarty’s supervillainy.


Tell us about your favourite Sherlock moments when D.I. Lestrade stole the show!

6 thoughts on “5 Times Lestrade Was the Star of Sherlock

  1. Lestrade’s reaction to Molly’s Christmas dress was the best thing about that whole scene. But I also liked how he made sure to keep in contact with John and Anderson in Many Happy Returns, because “Papa Lestrade” cares about his team, whether they are official members or not. He even called Sherlock to warn him that he’ll get arrested. And that pure relief bear hug he gives Sherlock when he returns – everyone else lashed out and Lestrade just hugged the man!


  2. In “The Great Game” after the discovery of the security guard’s body on the Thames, Sherlock prattles off his deduction, to which Lestrades response is “…and a happy new year.” Slays me every time!


  3. He had the best reaction to finding out that Sherlock was alive. It was like he always knew, deep down, that there had to be something more going on than they’d all believed for the last two years. Plus, it’s one of the only moments where you see the strength of the friendship between them.


  4. I think it’s been Lestrade, even more than John, that helped me find ways to deal with some of my own issues. You see, I watch Sherlock to see what my behavior looks like from the outside. The person who pointed me toward the show did so by commenting on how “Sherlocky” I was. (Still haven’t decided if that was a compliment or not.)

    Lestrade can’t stand Sherlock, and yet loves him completely and trusts him without reservation. I’ll never understand that. But once in a while, the same thing happens with people I know, and I can see it now.

    And yes, I love Lestrade! He’s not the bumbling idiot he comes off as in the books and previous shows. I like the way they portray him here.


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