Sherlock Series Two: 10 Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts

6. The name’s Holmes. Sherlock Holmes

While Moftiss are famous for being Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes fanboys, it is less known that their third biggest obsession is James Bond – an obsession that is possible to discover in Sherlock, if you really know your 007. The ‘Flight of the Dead’ scene in Scandal is actually inspired by a deleted scene from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (the pair’s favourite Bond) in which the spy and Q discuss a train full of corpses. In honour of its origin, the flight number is 007.


7. Bedknobs and Camera-tricks

The scene in Scandal where Sherlock falls back onto his bed after imagining himself talking to Irene in a field was actually done for real. While you might think it was computer generated, the crew actually brought a bed out into the countryside and then rigged up a device to lift it to make it look like Sherlock was falling onto it.

8. Benedict the Prankster

During the filming of Hound, Benedict Cumberbatch played a prank on Steven Moffat and his wife, producer Sue Vertue, and locked the front door of the hotel the cast and crew were all staying in before the couple got back. Unfortunately, it then slipped his mind and the Moffats had to sleep all night in their car.


9. Shooting Sherlock

Not explicitly related to Series Two, but rather an interesting insight into how the show is run, generally. As Moffat’s full-time job is being the exec producer of Doctor Who , he is never around on set. Gatiss on the other hand, as he is there anyway playing Mycroft, is the more hands-on of the two and is always on hand to oversee the shooting.

10. A real-life mystery

Mark Gatiss’ inspiration in updating The Hound of the Baskervilles from ghost story to conspiracy thriller came from a story he had been told. He said, ‘[a friend’s father] worked for the Ministry of Defence and one day he didn’t come home. His family was frantic, but his dad turned up as white as a sheet and said he’d seen some things that he never wanted to see again. He’d been taken somewhere like Porton Down and seen rabbits the size of dogs and dogs the size of horses.’


Is there a fascinating behind-the-scenes fact from Series Two that we have missed? Leave it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Sherlock Series Two: 10 Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts

  1. People keep getting the driving fact wrong. He filmed Fargo after Series 3 of Sherlock. The commentary even states that Watson only looks like he’s driving in His Last Vow but that he only learned after the filming wrapped, for Fargo. If you actually watch the episode, John gets into the car and then the next scene cuts to the destination with John then exiting the vehicle. After he finds Sherlock it’s Mary who has switched places and is in the driver’s seat. We never actually physically see John driving.


  2. The cast once said Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue were locked outside, and two of them had to sleep in Gatiss’s car. And that was not a prank, Ben did it by accident. In the Sherlock Chronicles I think…


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