10 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed from The Abominable Bride


Written by Prof. Jenn

There are so many more than ten Easter Eggs in this episode, both referring to the Sherlock series so far and to the original Doyle stories, I was hard put to it to narrow it down to these. Include your favorites in the comments.


10. Perfume as Mary recognition

In ‘His Last Vow’, Sherlock thinks he has encountered Lady Smallwood threatening Magnussen, as he recognizes her perfume, Claire de la Lune. Thing is, Mary Watson also wears the same perfume, and it was left as a message to John before the big reveal. In this episode, Sherlock recognises Mary by her perfume, though he doesn’t mention what scent it is.

9. Granada Theme

Did you notice how much like the ‘80s Jeremy Brett series’ intro theme the music was, in that initial Baker Street street scene (which also looked a lot like the Granada intro)? Listen and look at the two of them side by side (or one after the other) and see what I mean…

8. “It’s Dangerous to Finger Loaded Firearms…”

“…in the pocket of one’s dressing gown” is verbatim what Moriarty says to Holmes in the original Doyle story ‘The Final Problem’. Unlike Andrew Scott’s version, however, he doesn’t then ask Holmes if he’s happy to see him, only remarks he must not know who he is. Regardless, there are many verbatim quotes throughout the episode, not only from original Doyle material, but also from the modern series so far. And speaking of repetitions from Series 1-3…

7. Multiple modern characters reappear

This of course is no doubt due to the Wizard of Oz syndrome (remember? “You were there, and you were there…”), but it is quite a fun bunch of Easter eggs to see some familiar/favourite minor characters dressed up in Victoriana. The little boy helping Watson with his bags, the young woman in the group of Bride-feminists, and of course the moustachioed doctor in the morgue all are recognizable as The Page Boy from the Watsons’ wedding (did we ever get a name for this kid?), Janine, and Molly respectively (Anderson also shows up in the morgue), but it’s also fun to see major characters changed ever so slightly to suit the older time.

6. Mycroft, Increased

Any Sherlockians familiar with the books know that Mycroft is traditionally described as “corpulent.” So seeing Mark Gatiss in a gloriously huge fatsuit maybe didn’t necessarily surprise all of us, but it did delight.


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7 thoughts on “10 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed from The Abominable Bride

  1. The page boy is called Archie.
    “oh hello again Archie, what’s your theory? Get this right and there’s a headless nun in it for you.
    -the invisible man could do it.
    – the who? The what? The why? The when? The where?
    – the invisible man with the invisible knife.”

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  2. I did actually associate point 9. Granada Theme. The sound is very similar, if not the same, with the Christmas tune in the Blue Carbuncle (Granada series). 🙂


  3. The little boy’s name is Archie. They’ve said it in The Sign of Three after he hugs Sherlock, and I’m almost sure Sherlock said it in The Abominable Bride.


  4. The magical-looking matchbox in The Sign Of Three is certainly a reference to “the great whatsit” from the classic noir film Kiss Me Deadly. http://bit.ly/1NRl80o And let’s not forget the Mad Magazine parody: “Shermlock Shomes (and Dr Whatsit)”


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