10 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed from The Abominable Bride

5. Paget illustration recreation

This. Need I explain? Pretty good tableau, ain’t it?


4. Ricoletti and his abominable wife

…is just one of many all-too-brief mentions of unwritten cases Watson gives us throughout the Doyle canon. Other eps in the series have mentioned some of them, too, like the Aluminium Crutch, and the scene in ‘The Sign of Three’ when Sherlock opens the magical-looking matchbox.

3. Trying to find a second corpse in the grave

One Doyle story I still hope Mofftiss adapt for Sherlock is ‘The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax,’ a chilling tale of abduction and a pair of smiling villains that nearly get away with murder. In the story, (SPOILERS) Holmes is certain this nasty couple has kidnapped Lady Carfax and are planning on burying her along with a real funeral. He exhumes the corpse, only to find a very old, dead woman. Then inspiration strikes and he goes deeper into the oversized coffin to find Lady Carfax chloroformed inside. Brr. Creepy….

2. John Clay

Tim McInnerny, who played John Clay in Granada’s ‘The Red-Headed League’ appears here as a completely different character, Sir Eustace Carmichael (this nerd was still happy to find him back in a Sherlockian land). Tim Barlow, who played a Russian Count with catalepsy (SPOILER: the character’s not really a Russian count and doesn’t really have catalepsy) in Granada’s ‘Resident Patient’ also plays Wilder here (the attendant at the Diogenes Club). Extra Easter egg: the character Wilder was no doubt named after the director of one of Mofftiss’ favorite Sherlockian movies, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, directed by Billy Wilder.

1. Vernet


This mysterious name shows up on Mycroft’s little notebook full of scribbles. See it there, right under the reference to Redbeard? In Doyle, Vernet is the name of the French artist who is a relative of Sherlock’s. Verner (an alternate spelling) is the name of the man that buys out Watson’s practice, so he can then move back into Baker Street with his friend. Turns out Verner, too, was a distant relative of Holmes, and it was Holmes himself who set up the sale.


Did you spot an easter egg we didn’t? Let us know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “10 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed from The Abominable Bride

  1. The page boy is called Archie.
    “oh hello again Archie, what’s your theory? Get this right and there’s a headless nun in it for you.
    -the invisible man could do it.
    – the who? The what? The why? The when? The where?
    – the invisible man with the invisible knife.”

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  2. I did actually associate point 9. Granada Theme. The sound is very similar, if not the same, with the Christmas tune in the Blue Carbuncle (Granada series). 🙂


  3. The little boy’s name is Archie. They’ve said it in The Sign of Three after he hugs Sherlock, and I’m almost sure Sherlock said it in The Abominable Bride.


  4. The magical-looking matchbox in The Sign Of Three is certainly a reference to “the great whatsit” from the classic noir film Kiss Me Deadly. http://bit.ly/1NRl80o And let’s not forget the Mad Magazine parody: “Shermlock Shomes (and Dr Whatsit)”


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