Sherlock to find new home at Pinewood Studios


Due to the closure of its old studios, the production of Sherlock is set to move to a new home at Pinewood Studios Wales from series four onwards.

Though the show is set in London, the series has always been produced in Wales, with series one to three being filmed at Upper Boat Studios. This was previously also home to Doctor Who before the studios closed in 2011 and forced the production of that show to move to Roath Lock in the Welsh capital, Cardiff. Despite the official closure, however, the third series of Sherlock continued to be made there.

‘The Abominable Bride’ – the recent one-off special – was filmed in studios and on location in Bristol.

Sherlock series four is set to return to Wales, however, with location work set to take place in South Wales. Pinewood Studios Wales is located on the outskirts of Cardiff, in Wentloog. Fans in the London area, though, should expect some filming to be done in North Gower Street, which is used as the exterior of 221B Baker Street.

Series four will begin filming this Spring and is expected to air early next year.


Wales Online

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