10 Things Sherlock Fans Need To Know About Doctor Strange

5. The Movie Has Several Sherlock Holmes Connections
Apart from Benedict, Doctor Strange also has a few other connections to Sherlock Holmes. Firstly, the film’s female lead is Rachel McAdams, who previously played Irene Adler opposite Robert Downey Jr in 2009’s Sherlock Holmes. Meanwhile, actor Mads Mikkelsen (who you might know as TV’s Hannibal) is also in the movie – in real life, he is the brother of Lars Mikkelsen, who played Charles Augustus Magnussen in Sherlock Series Three.

4. He Has Many Magical Artifacts
Strange’s magic powers don’t involve the Harry Potter style magic wands but he does draw some of his abilities from special artifacts. Chief among them is his Cloak of Levitation that – you’ve got it – allows him to fly. He also regularly wears the Eye of Agamotto around his neck which protects Strange from illusions. In the promotional images released so far, you can see Benedict’s version sporting both of these items.


3. He Also Has A Loyal Sidekick
What would a hero be without their faithful sidekick? While Sherlock has John, Doctor Strange has his manservant Wong. Wong is a formidable force on his own as well, though – he is descended from an ancient order of Chinese monks and is well-versed in the mystic and martial arts. In the movie, Wong is set to be played by the perfectly-named Benedict Wong.

2. He Has A Iconic Address
As Doctor Strange, Benedict will be swapping 221B Baker Street for – dare we say it – an even cooler abode. Located at 177A Bleecker Street in New York’s Greenwich Village, Strange has his Sanctum Sanctorum – the hub of his mystical and magical powers. Much like Doctor Who‘s TARDIS it is also bigger on the inside. So expect to hear Doctor Strange deliver the line: “The name’s Stephen Strange, and the address is 177A Bleecker Street.”

1. He Has A Fun Friendship With Iron Man
In the comics, Doctor Strange and Iron Man have served together as part of the Avengers. Benedict’s Doctor Strange will of course fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which also features other Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. We can but hope that we see these two detectives-turned-superheroes team up at some point. Hopefully, it will be something like this:


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2 thoughts on “10 Things Sherlock Fans Need To Know About Doctor Strange

  1. Benedict was fantastic as Doctor Strange. I wish the Oscars took comic book movies as seriously for acting as they do for production, costumes, and special effects. The scene where Doctor Strange wakes up and sees the damage to his hands for the first time is truly heartbreaking.


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