10 Things Sherlock Fans Need To Know About Doctor Strange

The first trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest movie – which also happens to be a highly anticipated Marvel movie – arrived recently, and got fans very excited. But who is Cumberbatch’s new character? Let’s take a look at 10 strange facts about Marvel’s Doctor Strange…

10. He’s The Sorcerer Supreme
First of all, Stephen Strange and Sherlock Holmes could not be more different in terms of skill sets. While the detective is a logical machine, Strange has mystical powers which he received from being trained by the wise and powerful Ancient One in Tibet.

9. He Was Once A Successful – And Arrogant – Doctor
Strange wasn’t always a master magician though. He was once a brilliant neurosurgeon but, like Sherlock, he was also vain and arrogant. After his hands are irrevocably injured in a car accident, however, his career is over and Strange devotes his time and money into finding a way to fix himself…

8. He Was Created By Marvel’s Finest
Though it has taken him this long to get his big-screen debut, Doctor Strange is actually one of Marvel’s oldest characters. Created in 1963, he sprang from the mind of the king of comics Stan Lee and legendary artist Steve Ditko. The pair had previously teamed up to create none other than Marvel’s most successful superhero Spider-Man.


7. He Can Travel Between Different Dimensions
One of Strange’s abilities is that he can travel between different planes of reality. As seen in the trailer, his spirit can leave his body and move about on the astral plane. Strange can also visit whole other dimensions altogether, such as the nightmarish Dark Dimension resided over by the demonic Dormammu – one of the Sorcerer’s most dangerous foes. Speaking of which…

6. He Has A Powerful Rogues Gallery
Forget master criminals and blackmailers, Doctor Strange regularly fights against evil sorcerers and interdimensional demonic entities. His nemesis is Baron Mordo, who – like many supervillains – was once Strange’s friend before his thirst for power over the mystical arts led him down a dark path. In the movie, he will be played by Academy Award-nominated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor.


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2 thoughts on “10 Things Sherlock Fans Need To Know About Doctor Strange

  1. Benedict was fantastic as Doctor Strange. I wish the Oscars took comic book movies as seriously for acting as they do for production, costumes, and special effects. The scene where Doctor Strange wakes up and sees the damage to his hands for the first time is truly heartbreaking.


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