Sherlock: The Final Problem – What Did You Think?


Well, that’s it, everyone. Sherlock Series Four has now ended… and might just have taken the whole show with it.

At least we can say that it went out with a bang. Without doubt, “The Final Problem” was one heck of an emotionally-taxing 90 minutes – with shock revelations, tense drama and emotion throughout.

That’s all we will say for now for fear of spoilers, but in the comments below, feel free to be as spoilerific as you want. This is a page for anyone who has seen the episode to comment to their heart’s content on the series finale… and for those who have yet to see it to stay the hell away until they have.

So leave your rating for “The Final Problem” in the poll below and then sound off in the comments! People who wish to remain spoiler-free, this is your final warning…




25 thoughts on “Sherlock: The Final Problem – What Did You Think?

  1. All I wil say is I did not like it. It was akin to a bad episode of dr who. So so disappointing. Nothing made sense and it related to nothing which hapened before. SO DISAPPOINTED


  2. Although it was not as awesome as the previous one, I like it and enjoyed it till the end because i felt kind of nostalgic since it might be the very last one :’-( It sort of remained me of Saw, but a good version.


  3. I loved this episode, it was funny, it was scary, it was mind-boggling and it was sad, so sad. I think this was the only way Moffat&Gatiss could bring closure to this series, in case they didn’t have the chance to have another go at it. I truly believe they felt they might not be able to but they would love to. Not so sure about closing the circle turning Sherlock and John into Holmes and Watson, thiugh. I love this series because it respectfully toys with the canon but it’s something else entirely. The brilliant writing adds something more to the canon that makes this series and its characters just epic. And this finale is possibly the best collection of epic lines for all of them.


  4. I don’t want it to be THE END. This whole seasonacknwith so dark. I want
    Sherlock back with John solving crimes😥 Hated the whole Molly thing. Please don’t end it. Work it out


  5. Many have complained that the writing quality has diminished this season. Respectfully and forcefully, I disagree with this assessment. if traditionalist fare is desired watch the Jeremy Brett incarnation. As for myself I find the development of the relationship between the characters far more fascinating especially.the relationship between Mycroft and Sherlock. In a sense just as Mycroft said in series one that John Watson could be the making of Sherlock. The same can be said of Sherlock; in the sense that Sherlock could be the making of Mycroft because Sherlock humanizes Mycroft.


  6. It was stunning. Thanks to all.

    The comment here referencing Doctor Who is funny. An aerial shot of Sherrinford made me think of the confession dial episode.


  7. It was amazing! SIncerely hoping for its continuation. Maybe they should switch to cinema format – it is quite beyond a TV series and has been since its launch. But regardless of its future platform, if the producers decide to call it quits, they deserve a cell in Sherringford, possibly in the cannibal wing…


  8. How tense?? I think my blood pressure must have gone up lot watching this! I loved it but can’t say I fully understood it.
    How did the sister get from the island to the old house? How was Watson put down the well hear the house…. from the island?
    I’d really like to see some future episodes based on the original stories. In the first series, they did one on the Hound of the Baskervillesite, which was brilliantly brought up to modern times.
    Will always watch it though – the acting is superb!


    • From what I saw the way she got them over the the house from the island was that when she tranquilized them, they were ‘out for hours’ according to the little girl on the plane, who we now know is Eurus. She probably flew them over in that time.


  9. I thought the last episode was amazing in every way genius work by all. Genius work in all 3 episodes to be honest. I noticed there were quite a few negative comments about the first episode. I thought personally, that it was down to some people not quite understanding, being confused / not getting it… (the scenario / story lines prior to the 4th series airing) & wondering why it started in that way. If people had watched every episode of all 3 series’ prior to the 4th series, they would understand why it started that way and why the story for the first episode of series 4,was, what it was. I have so far watched series’ 1-3 twice ha ha as they were fantastic & up until I had started watching Sherlock with Benedict & Martin I had never watched anything quite like it.. fantastic pure British drama, I was well & truly hooked. The last episode of series 4 had my heart rate up, beating like the clappers, on the edge of my seat! emotions were like a roller coaster ( shock, crying, nervous ha ). I would just like to say to all of the team well done! You could not have picked better actors to play their roles, Benedict, Martin, Mark absolutely perfect & outstanding! I am in complete awe of all 3 of you & Mrs Hudson, Molly etc what an excellent team. Outstanding & exceptional acting, outstanding & remarkable writing by Mark & Steven ” You are both Genius” . Well done to you all & I really do hope there is a series 5 in the future… Please. I hope some day too, that you will hold a Sherlock convention up here in Newcastle N.E England “that would be really awesome” for the northern fans to attend.


    • So agree with these comments, loved every nail biting bit and hey, it’s fiction who cares how euros got out or Watson got to the well, poetic licence. Marvellous script and fantastic acting by all.


  10. People, it’s over. This is by far the most rewatchable series ever created (and I’ve watched friends). Just excellent. Bloody excellent. A BLOODY MASTERPIECE.


  11. It was very enjoyable and impressive but it left me emotionally empty. Do we really care about Sherlock’s back story all of a sudden? We cared about John and Sherlock. Where was that story? Where were those dialogues, the things they haven’t talked about, etc.? The couple seconds of Sherlock handing the baby to John is in no way a satisfying ending to the John/Sherlock dynamic.


    • I really did not like the ending much with their baby mooing. And why did it have to be Mary again? Good grief she already took ovet season 3 and the first 2 of this season so GET RID finally! I loved The Lying Detective it was superb and I think we wanted TFP to be the same but it was as if it never happened.


  12. Why was Molly short cut again? She is the best genuine character and I hated to just get a miniscule glimpse of her at the end. What about her and Sherlock? Yeah in the books its Irene Adler – but that one is for fucking (and having a weapon ready at the same time). Molly is the only one Sherlock could love and trust.


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