Sian Brooke Wants To Return as Eurus if Sherlock Gets a Fifth Series




Sherlock‘s fourth season introduced us to – surprise surprise – Sherlock and Mycroft’s secret evil sister Eurus, as played by Sian Brooke. In “The Final Problem”, the elusive Ms Holmes run rings around her brothers and nearly murdered Mycroft and John. Still, come the end of the episode she was back under lock and key.

Sian Brooke, however, doesn’t think it will be that easy to keep her there and hopes to return as Eurus, should Sherlock get a fifth season.

“She feels forgiven in some form but I think there’s a darkness there that will never be fully quelled. I definitely think there’s more to explore with her… I hope that she wouldn’t become a softie. There’s a lot of fun to be had in playing somebody that cold and calculating.”

At the end of the finale, with the Holmes family surrounding her cell, it does look like a redemption might be on the cards for Eurus. Brooke doesn’t agree, though:

“I don’t think she can be redeemed. She thinks on a completely different level to everybody else, so no, I don’t think she can. But that’s the joy of that character.”


What did you think of Eurus? Would you like to see her return in Sherlock Series Five? Let us know in the comments!


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7 thoughts on “Sian Brooke Wants To Return as Eurus if Sherlock Gets a Fifth Series

  1. With all respect to Ms Brooke’s acting abilities, and I did admire her both in this utter mess of a series and in Hamlet, I would never want to see a schizoid personality like Euros darken the prospects of a possible next series. She is pure evil, able to manipulate even Moriarty. And Euros could become a very bad role model for younger viewers, seeing as she has no redeeming feature in her character except her superior intellect: Euros Holmes, the female version of Dr Hannibal Lecter, and even he has a better backstory for turning him into a monster. Killing an innocent child out of spite, jealousy and self-imposed loneliness is beyond the pale.

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