WATCH: Sherlock Gets (Really, Really) Weird in Crazy Fan Edit

You might have seen Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers, which mercilessly mock and parody each of their victims. Well, if you fancy some parodies where things get very surreal then we give you YouTube Poop – a movement of Youtube mash-up videos which edit your favourite TV shows and movies in crazy ways.

In the last couple of months, Youtube user Numberer 1 has shared two Sherlock-themed videos (one for the unaired pilot episode and another for ‘The Blind Banker’). Have a watch of the weird but wonderful videos below:

Warning: If you are under 16, you probably shouldn’t be watching.

You might like to know that the same user has also offered a unique riff on Doctor Strange, too. Watch and enjoy it be bewildered here:


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