10 Things We Learnt About Sherlock at San Diego Comic Con

Sherlock John special

This year’s San Diego Comic Con finished yesterday and fans of the likes of Marvel, DC and Doctor Who are still reeling from the trailers and info that were released across the convention. Likewise, us Sherlock fans were not left out as a bunch of new facts came to light during the Sherlock panel with Steven Moffat, Rupert Graves and producer Sue Vertue. Here are some of the most interesting.


10. The special trailer

As you may already know (and still be jumping up and down about), the first footage we’ve seen of the latest Sherlock episode was released at Comic Con before finding its way online. You can read our breakdown of the clip here.

9. Expect even more facial hair

As you have noticed from Watson’s mighty moustache in the above trailer, Sherlock in Victorian times means lots of facial hair. According to Rupert Graves, Lestrade will have some awe-inspiring side-burns in the special – or “two hedges” on his face, as Rupert described them.

8. What is Sherlock and Irene’s relationship?

Within the show it is left ambiguous as to whether Sherlock and Irene met each other after the night he saved her. Moffat says he likes the idea that they never did but that they smile once a day when they think of each other. Aw, sweet.


7. Series Four will air in 2017

Yes, we finally have a date for Series Four – but it’s not the one we hoped for. Moffat revealed the sad news that he and Mark Gatiss haven’t even started writing the series yet, although they have planned it out. Apparently, there is “dark stuff coming”…

6. Watson will have “a sad loss”

Fans of the Conan Doyle stories have often predicted that John’s wife Mary will meet an untimely end in Sherlock due to her disappearing from the later books. Moffat addressed this, in typical cryptic fashion, at Comic Con. He put the record straight and pointed out that nowhere in the stories does it say Mary died – in fact, it only says Watson has had a “sad loss.” Hmm, thanks for clearing that up, Moff.

5. Moffat’s devised a Lestrade spin-off

Don’t get your hopes up for it ever happening but Moffat and Rupert have jokingly come up with a spin-off for Lestrade. It’s called “Lestrade Baffled”, apparently. “He could be the star of another police show where presumably he doesn’t solve many crimes,” joked Moffat. Well, we’d watch it.


4. Sherlock will be aired in the US sooner than previously

With previous series, the US air date for Sherlock has been considerably later than its first airing in Britain but Moffat has promised that this will be improved for any upcoming episodes. “The aim is to get closer and closer,” he said.

3. Sherlock won’t be ending any time soon

While Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have pledged their long-term commitment to the show before, it’s nice to know that the showmakers are also keen to work on the show in the long run. With an abundance of tales left to tell, Moffat feels that “old age or death” would stop them making Sherlock before they decide to.

2. A clue for the special is… “ghosts”

It’s tradition for upcoming Sherlock episodes to be teased with a single cryptic word e.g. A Scandal in Belgravia was hinted at with ‘Woman.’ And the special is no different with Moffat giving us this single clue: “ghosts.” Any takers?

1. The Sherlock special will be shown in cinemas worldwide

Yes, it’s official – this year you may be able to see Sherlock “on the big screen”, as Moffat revealed at Comic Con, as the special will be shown in select cinemas worldwide. Huzzah! We always knew Sherlock had the scope of a movie – now, it’s official!


You can watch Andrew Scott’s apology for not turning up for Comic Con below – featuring some special guests…


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