Catch Benedict Cumberbatch in new Zoolander 2 trailer


This might not be strictly Sherlock related but we didn’t want you to miss out on seeing our beloved detective like never before…

In this long-awaited sequel to the popular 2001 comedy, Benedict Cumberbatch stars alongside returning leads Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as the so-called “biggest supermodel in the whole world.”

As you can see above, his look in the film is as far away from Benedict’s more dramatic roles as you can get! Though perhaps someone should suggest he keep the varnished nails, long hair and shaved eyebrows for the next series of Sherlock? It could be one of his fool-proof disguises. Not even John would recognise him!

If the trailer whets your appetite for more, Zoolander 2  is released in US and UK cinemas on 12th February next year.

For more of Cumberbatch’s roles that are on the horizon, see our look at some of the most exciting upcoming projects of Sherlock actors here.



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