New Poster Lands of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange



Marvel have released a new poster for Doctor Strange ahead of its release in the UK next month. It showcases the reality-bending powers that the hero – played by Benedict Cumberbatch, of course – will possess. Also note the film’s tag line: “The impossibilities are endless.”


It was also recently announced that the film will open in the UK on October 25th, three days earlier than its original release date of the 28th. Huzzah!


Original story published August 20th: 


Before we get to see him don the deerstalker again in Sherlock Series Four, Benedict Cumberbatch will swap the science of deduction for magic in Marvel’s latest blockbuster Doctor Strange. After a new trailer and poster landed at San Diego Comic-Con a few weeks back, we’ve now got a bunch of new images from the film.

The photos feature Cumberbatch, along with a look at his co-stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen (brother of Lars ‘Charles Augustus Magnussen’ Mikkelsen) and Benedict Wong.

View them in the gallery below.

Doctor Strange arrives in this dimension on October 28th in the UK and November 5th in the US.


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