10 Things You Never Knew About Martin Freeman


You might know lots about John Watson, but how familiar are you with Martin Freeman? Read on for 10 things you might not have known about the man behind Sherlock’s number one (in other words, only) pal.


10. He hated Watson’s moustache

Martin Freeman’s version of Dr Watson usually doesn’t sport a moustache – which is lucky because, on the occasions that the character has, Martin has not been a fan. While filming ‘The Empty Hearse’, Martin found the fake one he had to wear uncomfortable and unflattering. When asked to wear it, Freeman joked: “But I’m a sex symbol!”


9. He couldn’t drive until very recently

You know that bit when Sherlock drives him and John through the countryside in ‘The Hounds of Baskerville’? The original plan was for John to be in the driver’s seat. This was changed, though, when they realised that Martin Freeman couldn’t drive. He later had to learn for another role – the lead part in the Fargo TV series.




8. He is a vegetarian

Martin has been a vegetarian (though he eats fish, which strictly speaking makes him a pescatarian) for many years. Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that when John is eating in the show everything is meat-free. This has led fans to believe that John is a vegetarian as well.


7. He doesn’t get on with modern technology

“I hate the fact that so much of our life is computerised rather than mechanised,” Martin once said. “On the one hand, we’re constantly told about recycling and cutting back, and on the other hand we have to buy the next gadget that comes along three weeks after the last one you bought. It’s absolutely insane. We’ve been suckered into buying and buying and upgrading and upgrading.”




6. He is religious

Martin was raised as a Roman Catholic and has retained his faith in later life. “I’m not a practicing Catholic or I wouldn’t be living unwed with a woman,” Martin later admitted. “And I don’t think all poofs are going to hell, and I don’t think everyone who’s had an abortion is damned, most of my friends are atheists and I understand atheism, I get it, but I happen to be a theist. I believe in our answerableness to something else.”


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4 thoughts on “10 Things You Never Knew About Martin Freeman

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with Martin re: high tech. (Even though I’m posting this via tablet connected to tye internet.) I believe there should be a balance and a limit on how much high tech you allow in your life. Like the old saying, “Everything in moderation, nothing in excess.” ☺


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