WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Hires Doctor Strange For A Birthday Party


Benedict Cumberbatch fans, it’s time to get excited – his Marvel debut Doctor Strange is just around the corner. If you’re in the UK, the movie arrives in cinemas in just a few days time on 25th October. US folks only have to wait a couple of weeks more, as well, as it lands there on November 4th.

To tie in with the film’s release, Benedict appeared in a fun skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which parodied Doctor Strange’s magic powers. Have a watch of it below:

If you don’t know much about Doctor Stephen Strange and want to find out more before seeing the movie, have a read of our list 10 Things Sherlock Fans Should Know About Doctor Strange. Spoiler warning: we don’t think the film will feature any balloon animals.


2 thoughts on “WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Hires Doctor Strange For A Birthday Party

  1. Honestly cannot see why Ben has to keep doing these stupid and humiliating stunts to promote Doctor Strange. The film promotes itself. Is Marvel so afraid the film cannot succeed without Ben making a complete fool of himself? RDJ would not be forced to do stuff like this.


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