Sherlock Series Four Complete Air Date Schedule Confirmed


We have known for a while now that Sherlock Series Four would AT LAST arrive on Sunday 1st January. As the rules of television dictate, we then assumed that one episode would air each Sunday until all, er, three episodes were up. Now we have finally got confirmation that this is indeed the case.

As we know, episode one – titled ‘The Six Thatchers’ – will be broadcast on BBC One in the UK and PBS Masterpiece in the US on Jan 1st. ‘The Lying Detective’ will then follow on January 8th with the untitled third episode bringing up the rear on January 15th. Non-UK and US viewers, we will bring you more information when we hear it.


This actually makes a change from Series Three. Back in 2014, the short three-part season was burned through even quicker than usual. After ‘The Empty Hearse’ premiered on New Year’s Day, ‘The Sign of Three’ aired only four days later on January 5th before ‘His Last Vow’ brought things to a close on 12th January. At least Sherlock season will last three more days this year, before we have to start playing the Waiting Game again.

Now long now, guys! In the meantime, why not read some of our theories about what could occur in the new series?


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