6 Clues and Questions Hidden in the Sherlock Series Four Trailer #2

The Case of Molly’s Other Hand


After this scene, so many things happen that I could fill pages and pages with speculations and theories. But let’s try to keep it short and jump to the shot of Molly crying while on the phone.

Doesn’t something look strange here? The position and varying skin tone of her hands suggest that one of them belongs to someone else. They look really feminine, so there aren’t too many options. Could they belong to Mary? It would be possible because we just don’t know enough about her. And who is Molly talking to on the phone? Is it Sherlock? Is he lying to her? Telling her a secret? Or is it someone else telling her some terrible news?


The Final Problem?


The other day we finally learn the title of the Series Four finale: ‘The Final Problem.’ So what is the final problem? Strap in, everyone, here’s where it gets dark…

By putting together a few shots in the trailer, we can work out that Sherlock, John and Mycroft will be locked in a chrome bunker-type room with some unknown individual and a gun. This seems like a pretty dramatic situation so we’re going to say it is taken from the finale. In one shot, Sherlock is holding the gun and appears to break down. So… could the finale be about Sherlock having to decide between killing John or Mycroft?

To take our mind off that horrific scenario for a moment, let’s admire the cinematography. I totally love the shot in which Sherlock is standing in the front with John and Mycroft in the back. For me it looks like the typical “angel and devil on your shoulder”. Or in this case, it’s more heart versus mind. And it looks like heart has won out…




11 thoughts on “6 Clues and Questions Hidden in the Sherlock Series Four Trailer #2

    • The problem is, we don’t know in which order the scenes actually appear and the subtext and so on. It is also possible, that it is about Sherrinford. Rumours based on ACD’s novels say that Sherlock had to shoot Mycroft to save John, but we will see 🙂


  1. Of course, while it is not talked about much in today’s society, there is the chance that Sherlock “loves” John in the platonic sense. It is possible to love a friend without sex being involved and that is definitely how it comes across in the original series. Moffat has done a fantastic job with modernizing the stories WITHOUT changing the inherent nature of the characters.

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      • In your article, “heading into Johnlock territory.” Fans on tumblr have come up with about a half-dozen scenarios about why Sherlock says “I love you,” and none of them have to do with romantic love – for anyone. I was hoping there would be a bit more creativity about that bombshell in this article.

        And btw, Louise Breally has confirmed that they are both her hands in the shot of Molly with the phone.


      • Yes, there are non Johnlock as well as Johnlock theories, I am aware of that, but in earlier episodes were as well a lot of things that pointed out to Johnlock (Rainbows etc.).
        Besides I am a Johnlock shipper so I concentrated on it. But if you want me to stay more neutral, of course I understand that and will also put focus on other theories, thank you for your feedback 🙂



  2. Just a couple of thoughts… First, Sherlock’s revelation of “I love you” might simply be the answer to the question posed and pertaining to the mystery in general. It may not be an actual declaration of his love for John, Mycroft, or whomever else he may supposedly be seeing or thinking about (Molly? Irene? Sherrinford?). Second, consider if the clips shown in the video are out of order from the episode. What if (gotta love those “what ifs”!) John taking the gun from Sherlock’s hand occurs AFTER the detective’s emotional “breakdown” per se, if indeed it indicates that he’s unable to make the choice to shoot anyone in the room (especially if he were forced to choose between killing Mycroft or John as some have indicated). What if, then, John has chosen to make a sacrifice and take that burden of responsibility / blame from Sherlock and shoots… himself? Mycroft? What angst and fodder for fanfic that could be the catalyst for! Again, just some thoughts!


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