Miss Me? How is Moriarty Coming Back?


So we are two-thirds of the way through Series Four of Sherlock, and although hinted at, James Moriarty has still not made an actual appearance. So how do we think Sherlock’s nemesis yet guilty pleasure will worm his way back in?

Firstly, those who keep an eye out for ‘Setlock’ pictures will have seen Andrew Scott filming as Moriarty on a beach for Series Four. The back of his head (which is instantly recognisable for us stalkers fans) is also included in the Comic-Con trailer so we can assume he must be appearing soon. However, over the past couple of episodes, Sherlock has been having flashbacks of himself as a child and Redbeard (his childhood dog and emotional weakness) on a beach, therefore is Moriarty just appearing within Sherlock’s mind? We already know Moriarty exists in Sherlock’s mind palace, locked in a prison, as we discovered in ‘His Last Vow’. Has the villain managed to escape and intrude other areas of Sherlock’s mind?

Another comment which brought Moriarty to mind was when Euros said that a ‘mutual friend’ had enabled her and ‘The Lying Detective’’s Culverton Smith to come to an arrangement and provide her with Faith’s note. Well, I think Moriarty is a common mutual friend to many of these individuals with criminal intent, so I would not be at all surprised if Euros and Moriarty are in cahoots with each other, whether he is alive or dead. Speaking of which, did anyone else expect Euros, when revealing her true identity, to take off a wig and a mask and for it to be Andrew Scott? I know it’s far-fetched, but come on, he was in a wedding dress in ‘The Abominable Bride’! Nothing is implausible when it comes to Steven Moffat’s writing.


So the notorious ‘Miss Me?’ has been plastered all over the promotional material for Series Four, it has been mentioned in both of the episodes so far, so surely this must have a greater relevance than we currently realise. Okay so Mary used it on her disc in ‘The Six Thatchers’, and it was on Faith’s/Euro’s note in ‘The Lying Detective’, but surely Moriarty has been meddling in all of this? Or is Sherlock right, and he is definitely dead and gone after blowing his own brains out? Let’s face it, Sherlock is usually right.

So I may be clutching at straws here, but continuously throughout episodes, Sherlock has had to remind John that “it is never twins!” But what if – finally – John is right? What if Moriarty is an identical twin, one carrying on the legacy of the other? I wouldn’t hold your breath but as I said, nothing is too far-fetched for this show.

So we can deduce that Moriarty is returning in one form or another; whether it is in body, spirit or flashback. Hopefully we won’t have to miss him for much longer, and our issues are resolved in #’The Final Problem’.


Is Moriarty really alive? Have your say in the poll below!


7 thoughts on “Miss Me? How is Moriarty Coming Back?

  1. It may be a bit blasphemous to say this, but I don’t really want Moriarty back. Let’s have the duo getting heavy with some other ‘super’villain in future.Or – here’s another nutty idea – have him turn good, like Flambeau in the Father Brown stories, heavens, in those the two even became friends. Strange things happen in the fictional world.


    • He doesn’t need to be alive. He was pretty awesome in Sherlock’s Mind Palace. I’d be happy to see him there again. And I’d love to see imaginary Mary again too. She was great!

      Yes, I really thought that it was going to be Moriarty taking off his wig and dress for a minute there. You didn’t know who she was going to turn out to be. And it never even occurred to me that she might be a sibling.

      Such a brilliant bait and switch! This episode should be listed under the textbook definition of misdirection and red herring. It was that good.


  2. I think that they “Miss Me?” campaign was all part of a ploy for Euros to draw out her brothers. To what end? No clue. But I doubt that Moriarty will be back in the flesh. (Unless Moffat and Gatiss are toying with the idea of Col. James Moriarty, the brother of the late Professor)


  3. Well in the ACD stories Professor Moriarty does have a brother – Colonel James Moriarty who is a retired train engineer. Yes they do have the same christian name but it is well known that Conan Doyle was quite lazy in giving forenames! (Not) knowing Gatiss and Moffatt they are very liable to give a twist on this fact.


  4. I have to admit when Euros began to take out her contact, I WAS thinking, it’s Moriarty before checking myself that it was too good a disguise and let’s face it the chick looks nothing like a dude in drag! I think Moriarty will be alive in Sherlock’s mind palace somewhere and we’ll have to be content with that. It won’t lessen the enjoyability or brilliance of the show, just make a few of us super sad! I can see the writers using his presence up there as a tool that will helpSherlock be even more brilliant but we’ll see 😉


  5. I’m wondering if he is going to be back or not. I’ve read several articles on the net about Moriarty returning and one thing that is usually over looked is the Christmas special.


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