5 Most Interesting Easter Eggs in Sherlock: The Lying Detective

3) Mrs. Robinson


This is a visual easter egg in the form of composition. In the beginning of the ep, when we see John talking to a shadowed woman for the first time of many, we are briefly made to think he’s talking to “Elizabeth” until it’s revealed he’s, in fact, speaking to his dead wife.

In that brief moment before Mary is revealed, John is framed in an inverted V made by the form of the woman, and the image’s layout looks exactly like the iconic image from The Graduate (Dustin Hoffman framed by a shapely leg) that it has to be an Easter egg, not a coincidence.


2) The Sign of Four Deductions


Faith Smith’s paper on which she attempted to remember details from her father’s fateful meeting was folded and kept in a pocketbook and then pinned up on a board. These very things are deduced by Holmes in The Sign of Four about the map belong to Mary Morstan’s father that she kept aside. This was, of course, given to Euros by a “mutual friend” of hers and Culverton Smith’s. Speaking of:


1) Euros = The East Wind


Well, now the warning of Mycroft: “The East Wind is coming to get you” becomes much more than a mere childhood tale and reference to canon story “His Last Bow.” Now we get a real feeling of the sinister from this and, holy cow, what is up with Euros Holmes’ powers of infiltration?! And the “miss me?” Is that just her being triggery, or was she at one point working with Moriarty, or what what what???

Oh, yeah, my point: Euros means the east wind. And it is a rather threatening one, if you’re looking at Greek mythology. But then she’s happy to tell us this at the end of the ep. And I am terrified to see if that gun was pointed where it looked like it was, and if it hit….

So what’s up with Sherrinford, then? Many commentators have averred that Sherrinford is Euros’ code name, rather like the code names Lady Smallwood and co. sported at the beginning of “The Six Thatchers”. I tend to agree with this hypothesis as the most likely. How about you?

11 thoughts on “5 Most Interesting Easter Eggs in Sherlock: The Lying Detective

  1. Every press review I’ve about The Lying Detective says that Culverton Smith is reminiscent of UK pedophile Jimmy Savile, but “Prof. Jenn”, being afflicted from Trump Derangement Syndrome, thinks Stephen Moffat, the British director/producer/screenwriter who wrote The Lying Detective meant Trump. Too funny.

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    • Dude, pardon me for being scared shitless. Like I said, I’m just coming to this from an American standpoint (the handshake thing is a thing tho…)

      Please do educate me re: the odious figure you reference. (Yes, I could google him but I’d much rather engage in dialogue with a human).


  2. More similarities to Saville (hospital, media control, do-gooding, etc.) The U.S. may not be aware of him in general, but the last few years in the UK have seen a considerable increase in his (and others – ref. the still on-going Rolf Harris trial) sad and manipulative ways.

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      • I think you’ll find that this is a far more complex matter than you may be aware of, and may not have stretched beyond the UK (though it has affected Australia).
        Jimmy Savile was a well known personality here. He was a DJ, famously on Top Of The Pops, charity marathon runner, charity health worker in hospitals (notably Stoke Mandeville) and all round media personality well loved by the general public. He died in 2011.
        In 2012 there was a TV programme alleging a long period of sexual misconduct dating back to the 1960s , especially towards children and patients, which scandalised the nation. As a result a police investigation was mounted, named Operation Yewtree. This became far reaching and a number of celebrities in the television world were named, arrested, and some put on trial for these offences. Among the named were Rolf Harris (well loved children’s TV presenter and singer), Dave Lee Travis, a DJ of many years, Gary Glitter, pop star,Freddie Star, comedian, Paul Gambacini, radio and television presenter and pop guru, and others. Even Cliff Richard was involved but later exonerated.
        There were others involved, some tried and sentenced, some found innocent, and others not charged. Rolf Harris’ trial has only recently started.
        Many of the high profile celebrities were highly regarded by the public, but it is now believed that acquaintancies were aware of problems, though no one spoke out at the time. A case of “who would believe me” with the offenders ‘hiding in plain sight’.
        It is my belief that Culverton Smith is probably a mish-mash of these people, making him worse.
        It is worth researching Operation Yewtree and the relevant personalities involved, as I’ve only touched on it briefly, but long enough.


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