10 Biggest Moments from Sherlock: The Lying Detective


We’re already two-thirds of the way through series four, and as we await “The Final Problem,” here are our 10 biggest moments from “The Lying Detective.” No lie, there were some big ones.

Read on—as always, spoilers follow!


10. Sherlock is using. Sadly, to deal with Mary’s death and John’s cutting him out of his life, Sherlock is injecting something stronger than a seven-percent solution.

9. Bill Wiggins reappears. Sherlock’s drug den buddy Wiggins is seen, let’s say, brewing up some tea and coffee for “Shezza”  and moderating his intake.

8. Mrs. Hudson drives an Aston Martin, like a boss. One of this dark episode’s light moments was Mrs. Hudson’s line to John, “I’m the widow of a drug dealer, I own property in central London, and for the last bloody time, John, I’m not your housekeeper!” Wait, who’s that in the trunk?


7. John forgives Sherlock. Sherlock “goes to hell,” following Mary’s instructions to get John to save him. Though only after John gives Sherlock a beating reminiscent of their reunion in “The Empty Hearse.”

6. Mary forgives John. John confesses his emotional infidelity to the apparition of Mary. She balances the scales by forgiving him as he forgave her for concealing her murderous past.

5. The Woman and Sherlock still text. We hear Sherlock get a text from Irene, whom we haven’t seen since series two, apart from a quick cameo in “The Sign of Three.” Have dinner with her already, Sherlock!

4. Culverton Smith, serial/cereal killer. Toby Jones’ darkly comedic performance as a philanthropist-mogul-murderer who idolizes Holmes—infamous Chicago serial killer H.H. Holmes—provides Sherlock with a worthy opponent.


3. Triple trouble. Faith Smith, Elizabeth, and John’s therapist have something in common. They’re the same person!

2. Miss Me? Sherlock examines Faith’s notes trying to recall her father’s secret. He holds the paper up to the light and sees a secret message that makes his blood run cold…

1. The third Holmes is revealed. Wow! Many of us assumed the mystery Holmes was a brother. But Eurus—the “East Wind” in Greek—is a diabolically sinister sister. She has a gun pointed at John in the episode’s cliffhanger finish. Will “the East Wind take us all in the end”? Tune in to the series four finale to find out!


Tell us your top “Lying Detective” moments in the comments.


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