Sherlock: The Final Problem – The Case For and Against

Why it was Disappointing

Sherlock S4 - Ep3

There it was. The Final Problem. The big finale. If Sherlock will continue or not is not quite sure, but this episode delivered a good ending for the whole series.

And yet… I am a little disappointed. Not in Series Four as one, but in “The Final Problem”. Yes, it was breathtaking, mindbending, unexpected, disturbing, scary, nightmarish and just brilliant. So many things were revealed, old character traits were explained and now we know the whole story. Everything makes sense now.

So why am I disappointed then? It seems like an easy question but it is hard to answer.

However I look on it, however I turn it around, I’m never really pleased by my answers for myself, but one thing is for sure. In my opinion, the media and the cast themselves hyped things up a little too much. Everybody in the cast was saying that this season was the best so far and the media just went crazy about it, especially about “The Final Problem”.

I should clarify that I liked the episode, I just didn’t like it as much as I liked “The Six Thatchers” or “The Empty Hearse” for example. The acting was outstanding, Mrs. Hudson’s sharpness made me laugh and the ending with Rosie growing up under the eyes of the two men who love her most just made me incredibly happy. The hate this episode got from some “fans”, especially the hate towards the writers, is totally unjustified. You’re allowed to criticise the episode, but do not attack the writers.

For me, “The Final Problem” didn’t have a good start. The little horror scene, which was stage-managed by Sherlock and John, felt so forced to me. The clown, the child, the painting crying blood, I just laid in my bed, eating ice cream and asking myself what I was even watching. This opening scene was the first time with Sherlock that I thought that this episode isn’t really going to please me and won’t fulfill my expectations.


And then things just went awkward and felt so far-fetched for me. C’mon Mofftiss! Eurus being so smart that she is able to reprogram people, killing her brother’s best friend out of jealousy and setting her house to fire. Mycroft making sure she’ll be put into Sherrinford and wait. Wait? It doesn’t make any sense at all.So, the tasks the three were given by Euros were okay. They made me suffer, made my heart

So, the tasks the three were given by Euros were okay. They made me suffer, made my heart skip a beat and I was holding my stuffed otter really really tight. And then there was this whole thing with Redbeard. Yes, my jaw dropped I didn’t expect that. But I didn’t like it. All in general, this whole history with Sherlock not being able to remember his sister and replacing his best friend with a dog still annoys me.

Talking about illogical stuff – case in point, John in the well. He literally had a massive chain tied to his feet. And the policemen threw down a rope and pulled him up. Guys no, he has a huge ass chain on his feet you can’t just pull him out and – woah, okay you did. Wait, what where is the chain? Oh, and a well doesn’t fill from above but from below but okay.

“The Final Problem” didn’t actually feel like Sherlock for me, it jumped completely out of the whole concept of the series. I didn’t know if they wanted to break out of old patterns but it just didn’t work for me. It felt extrinsic and strange.

So it ended well after all, although I wasn’t too pleased and I hope you could understand my points. If you have questions, feel free to ask me! Is there anybody who agrees with me?


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8 thoughts on “Sherlock: The Final Problem – The Case For and Against

  1. I think Sherlock holding Rosie in the end was purely for our enjoyment 🙂 Just to see how far he has come as a character. He had no use/interest for children before, but this is Mary and John’s baby and so she holds immense value for him. Do I think it makes Johnlock canon? Not in the least. I’m surprised that people are so convinced on that score. The writers have made it abundantly clear that that isn’t the direction they’re taking the show in. Sherlock and John are best friends, family, and partners in crime. A romantic attachment was a comedic, titillating fantasy as shared by Tumblr, and not an actual development on the show.
    TFP wasn’t my favorite episode ever, but there were several moments that I wouldn’t exchange for anything: the ‘I love you’ scene, followed by the coffin smashing (GIVE BENEDICT AN OSCAR, SOMEBODY!). Sherlock remembering the true identity of Redbeard (heart. broken.) Him running to solve Eurus’ riddle and then finding her and saying some of the sweetest things that have ever come out of his mouth. Going to visit her and playing the violin – gah! The opening scene was a bit outlandish and I didn’t see the need in blowing up Baker Street, but it made for a great metaphor as they were slowly putting it back together in the end. I do wonder how on earth Eurus was able to figure out that Sherlock knew a girl named Molly Hooper and that Molly was in love with him, and that Sherlock did care for her… I mean, how did she honestly figure that out, holed away in Sherrinford? She must have done a lot of snooping when she was on the loose in the first two episodes…
    Over-all, it was a dark, emotional, tragic episode, and the ending felt painfully final (nooooooo) but at the same time, I feel like it was necessary to Sherlock’s story. I still have questions (which is a good thing! bring on season 5!!!) and I’m desperately hoping there’s a secret episode (watch the last 2 “Sherlock Reacts” videos on Youtube on the official channel – they keep teasing about it!). Out of the 3 episodes, TLD was my favorite. Benedict’s drug-addled, scruffy Sherlock was a WONDER to behold and the man deserves 100 Oscars. That is all ♥

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    • Euros might have found out about Molly from her Christmas present. Remember, Moriarty “dated” her in the early days, and could have easily picked up on her feelings for our favorite high functioning sociopath. Emotional conflict is just the sort of ammunition he would hang onto until he could use it to advantage. Bad boy!


  2. In a plot full of flashbacks, plot twists and loopholes, (don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it!) one thing puzzles me that hasn’t been covered as far as I know.
    If the Patience Grenade is set off by sensing motion, and it was delivered by by toy gyrocopter, why wasn’t it set off by the travelling?
    A nit-picking question I know, and I accept the plot device, but do such things really exist?


    • The traveling didn’t set off the explosive charge brcause it had not been “armed” until after it settled down to the floor. When the little disc on top of the explosive pops up, Mycroft announces that it has been armed. He recognizes this due to familiarity with a weapon design he has himself purchased. Problem solved!


  3. What I can’t understand is how no one was injured by the grenade? John and Sherlock were flung out the second story window, whereas mycroft couldn’t have got very far? But the next scene they appear without a scratch!
    Also if the girl on the plane was made up by Eurus then why could everyone hear her voice? Or have I completely misunderstood that bit?

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