10 Biggest Moments in Sherlock: The Final Problem


Even though it was over a week ago now, we’re still reeling from the explosive Sherlock series four finale, “The Final Problem.” While we’re not sure if it will prove to be the final episode of Sherlock, here are our pics for the episode’s 10 biggest moments!


10. Sherrinford Revealed. The show had teased that Sherrinford was the mysterious and unseen Holmes sibling. Instead we discovered that it is an Alcatraz-like fortress: a remote, inescapable and impenetrable prison. Unless you’re an evil genius mastermind—then it seems you can come and go pretty much as you please.

9. There’s an East Wind Coming. We also discovered that Eurus is a genius, alright, just like her brothers. However, she’s more of the Hannibal Lecter variety than an aloof but ethical high-functioning sociopath. With your number.

8. An Impromptu Renovation. Another bombshell! Literally, this time. A grenade-carrying drone lands in the Baker St. flat, trapping Mycroft, John and Sherlock. They have three seconds to get out after the bomb is triggered by movement. They give Mycroft a head start and the other two take the quickest exit—through the window, propelled by the massive explosion.


7. “I Love You.” The brilliant and underutilized Louise Brealey had one of the series’ most emotional moments. Sherlock has one minute to call Molly and get her to say “I love you,” or her flat will blow up from a bomb planted by Eurus. Not as easy as it sounds, especially when Molly is having a bad day. Sherlock succeeds with seconds to spare by saying it first, and seems to actually mean it.

6. Mycroft’s Sacrifice. In one of Eurus’ many life-and-death games in this episode, Sherlock is forced to choose between shooting his brother or his best friend. In a stunning and unexpected display of self-sacrifice, Mycroft offers to take the bullet.

5. Moriarty Breaks Free. Another brilliant use of an iconic song, reminiscent of the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” in “A Scandal in Belgravia.” Moriarty makes a dramatic entrance via helicopter to Queen’s “I Want to Break Free.” Sadly, we learn that Jim is in fact still dead and these scenes were flashbacks.


4. Mind games. How can Eurus manipulate people to do such horrible things? She and Jim Moriarty constructed the series of puzzles and traps for John, Mycroft and Sherlock during a brief meeting years prior. Thank goodness Jim isn’t around to keep the conspiracy going.

3. RIP Redbeard. In previous episodes, we had been led to believe that Redbeard was Sherlock’s beloved childhood canine companion. Instead, we learned that he was Victor, a human friend who met a tragic end at Eurus’ hands.

2. Violins. Yet all Eurus wanted was to be loved by her brother. It seems hard to believe that she’d go to the lengths we saw in “The Final Problem” just to get his attention. The end of the episode contains a lovely violin duet between Eurus and Sherlock, granting Eurus her wish, if only briefly.

1. Baker Street Boys. “The Final Problem” ends with a moving montage set to Mary’s final message; it’s time for Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to become the legends we know them as. The meaning is clear: whether we see Cumberbatch and Freeman again in these roles or not, these characters will live on forever.

One thought on “10 Biggest Moments in Sherlock: The Final Problem

  1. Here I was thinking you are a responsible, mature and in-partisan site, but evidently, like all humans, I erred! What you are trying to salvage from the absolute Bond farce is worth a mention in a footnote of the whole series, certainly not a ‘great’ moment! Sherlock using clowns to terrorize Mycroft, drug-users to boot, indestructible heroes who jump from first floor Windows and don’t end up in A&E with multiple fractures but simply bounce off Speedy’s awning (according to Mr Gatiss) and land on their feet! Dr Watson first tethered by chains in a Musgrove well and then simply saved by a simple rope thrown down the well, not to mention the unspeakable bad taste of getting Mary the reformed assassin to have the last word and give her ‘benediction’ to ‘her’ Baker Str boys. It couldn’t get more camp and self-satisfied if they had tried! Great moments, indeed!


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