New Rumour States Sherlock Series Five Will Air Next Year


Well, this is just a normal day on the internet, everything is calm and normal… But, wait, hang on a minute – Sherlock‘s getting a fifth series!

Whoah, whoah, calm down there, guys. As you well know, the cast and crew of Sherlock have long maintained that they don’t know whether a fifth season of the show will ever happen. Likewise, fans have just as long believed that this is a big giant fib and that the BBC are secretly working on more episodes.

Now, a Russian website has been found to casually mention new episodes of Sherlock arriving as early as next year. Here are a few screenshots from the site. Alternatively, visit the website here.

The site claims that, while it has not been officially announced, Sherlock Series Five will arrive in January 2018. It will have a similar set-up to Series Four, apparently. There will be one special in 2018, followed by the usual three episodes a year later.

So… Is this real? Is it fake?

Well, we are inclined to believe that there will be a fifth season at some point, as Moffat and Gatiss have stated several times that they don’t want “to let go of it because it is a wonderful thing”. But so soon? Is this even possible?

In theory, yes. If the script for the special is already written and the actors are free then one feature length episode could absolutely be made by next January. But that would be ridiculously fast for Sherlock. There has always been a minimum of 18 months and now there should be only 12 months between Series Four and Five?

Besides that – and this is a pretty damning piece of evidence – we know that Benedict Cumberbatch is currently busy with The Current War and Avengers: Infinity War (he’s in a lot of wars).

Or, who knows, maybe they already filmed it? Remember, under all of the pre-release pictures (and in the trailers) we got, there were a couple of scenes we didn’t see in season 4. Are they just deleted scenes or even scenes from season 5?

So does this site have the wrong end of the stick or are Moffat and Gatiss messing with us again?

What do you think? Do you even believe that there will be a fifth season? Let us know in the comments down below!


12 thoughts on “New Rumour States Sherlock Series Five Will Air Next Year

      • Yeah finely they are but next year awww a long way for us can u give us some input what’s it’s going to be like lol we would love that,but yeah yeah can’t wait till then, bee the first to watch it.


  1. I don’t believe this but it is a good point about some scenes which were not in s4. Benedict is doing Infinity War but it is not a big part so who knows? He will do another Strange film and I’m not sure – has he already filmed Thor Agnarok? Again that is only a small part so……We will bombard Mofftiss in october and try to get some clarification. Must not forget Martin too who is also very busy. A special in january would seem too soon though.


    • Benedict’s focus right now lies on Current War which he is filming right now in UK. After that he’ll join the rest of the Avengers Crew to film Infinity War, that’s right but as far as I know his part is quite big, I mean Doctor Strange is part of the Avengers then.
      Thor:Ragnarök is in Post Production right now, filming ended last year.

      I am still waiting for the BBC to publish a statement or something, but please ask in October (sadly I can’t come, wrong country :/)


  2. They’re actually using a stand in for Benedict’s scenes in Infinity War and Ragnarok wrapped ages ago. They’re going to do reshoots with him but that’s not going to be for quite a while yet.


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