Sherlock’s Top 5 Outfits


Written by Lauren Shultz

The art of costuming and makeup is severely underrated in the entertainment industry. Of course, we love Sherlock for it’s incredibly clever writing and the amazing actors that star in it; however, it has to be said that the series as a whole would be lacking without the proper outfitting. Imagine Mycroft without his sharp suit, or John without his jumpers or, heaven forbid, Sherlock without his coat! It’s fair to say that the cast’s individual and iconic looks are hugely important to the show’s success. With that in mind, here is a list of the top five outfits Sherlock has ever worn in the series.


5. The Purple Shirt of Sex


This is an outfit that is a favorite of many, many fangirls. To a casual viewer it’s just something Sherlock wears for part of “The Great Game”, but to Benedict Cumberbatch’s admirers it is so special they have given it its own identity. The name and the gif above say it all. Just look at John’s face, even he can’t take his eyes off it.


4. The “Not Dead” disguise


Here Sherlock shows us just how simple yet discreet the art of disguise can be. While he first showed off his ability to go in cognito in “The Great Game”, dressed as a security guard to sneak into the Hickman gallery, his talents are shown to their full extent when he disguises himself as a waiter to confront John about his fake death. Glasses, a bowtie, a penciled-in mustache, and a fake accent are apparently all it takes to hide from your best friend.


3. Shezza


I think most fans knew this was coming after “The Sign of Three”. As John and Mary are married now and with a new baby on the way, Sherlock knows he’ll be left behind. So he turns to what he thinks is the only option he has. John finds him, of course, in a dilapidated crack house high as a kite. I think this outfit helps describe Sherlock well because it shows just how derailed he can be when he feels alone.


2. The Sheet


This “outfit” is also a favorite of Sherlock’s fangirls, mainly because it doesn’t involve much fabric. In “A Scandal in Belgravia”, Sherlock sends John out to the crime scene just so he can lounge around the flat wearing nothing but a sheet. Even when some intimidating guards come to take him to Buckingham Palace, he still blatantly refuses to put actual clothes on! Is he seriously that stubborn? (Well, I think we all know the answer to that question.)



  1. The Classic


And first place goes to, of course, the iconic Sherlock wear. How can you not love the suit, the trench coat, the blue scarf, and the optional deerstalker?  Not only is his outfit a classic, it perfectly embodies the modern twist on Sherlock Holmes’s personality that Mofftiss have created.


Have you any other famous Sherlock outfits you think should have made the list? Comment below!


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