Sherlock writer Steven Moffat stands down as Doctor Who showrunner


Sherlock fans may be interested to know Doctor Who‘s head writer – and Sherlock co-creator – Steven Moffat has retired from the role after what will be six series in charge.

There will be no Doctor Who series this year, with only one Christmas special (Sherlock fans can relate), before Moffat’s final series in charge – Series Ten – will air in the spring of 2017. It is rumoured that current Doctor Peter Capaldi will leave with Moffat but this is currently just speculation from fans.

The new showrunner will be Chris Chibnall, a seasoned writer for the show and creator of hit crime drama Broadchurch. His first series as showrunner will be Series Eleven which is set to air in 2018.

Now, if we can just get Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to retire from all other acting maybe we can have Sherlock being made all year round…


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