Mark Gatiss Tweet Reveals Sherlock Series Four Has Started Filming


At long last – it looks like Sherlock Series Four is now underway! While there hasn’t been an official announcement , a tweet from Mark Gatiss suggests that filming has begun. See the snap that he took on the 221B Baker Street set below:

Hooray! But, hang on, is this image telling us something else as well? Could there be some significance to the skull? Even if there was, Gatiss refused to give anything away.

On the other hand, what if all this time the skull has been an important character?

Or maybe it is just an unfortunate fan?

While production is getting started on the series, it looks like we’ve got a bit more waiting to do, though. Going by previous occasions, Series Four will presumably air around New Year 2017. Still, at least we know things are moving forward now.

We’ll bring you more Series Four news when we hear it!

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