RESULTS: What is the Best Sherlock Episode Ever?

10. His Last Vow – 3%


Just nudging ahead of ‘The Abominable Bride’ in eleventh place – it only received seven more votes – is season three’s finale ‘His Last Vow.’ Time has apparently not been kind to this episode as HLV came in at an impressive fifth place in our previous poll.┬áThat’s now two episodes from season three in the bottom rung of the rankings.


9. The Blind Banker – 4%


In the reverse of the situation of ‘His Last Vow’ is season one’s ‘The Blind Banker.’ In our previous poll, this episode languished at the bottom but seems to have been reappraised by fans since then who have voted it slightly higher up in the rankings. Perhaps fans have now become more nostalgic for the show’s early days?


8. The Hounds of Baskerville – 4%

Sherlock John

22 votes above ‘The Blind Banker’ is the middle episode of season two, ‘The Hounds of Baskerville.’ This episode doesn’t seem to have ever been too popular with most fans as it came in at number seven on our last poll.┬áThis is somewhat surprising, really, considering it is based off the most famous Sherlock Holmes story ever.


7. The Sign of Three – 7%


We now come to the middle tier of episodes. Like ‘His Last Vow’, ‘The Sign of Three’ has sunk in viewers’ estimations since our last poll. In 2015, the episode managed to break into the top three episodes ever, but now finds itself right in the centre of the ranking. This means that season three is the only series not to have any episodes in the top six.




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