RESULTS: What is the Best Sherlock Episode Ever?


Thousands of you voted in our recent poll to determine the greatest episode of Sherlock ever. Now the votes have been counted and verified and we can now announce the ultimate Sherlock episode ranking, according to the loyal readers of Sherlock‘s Home. Here goes…


13. The Six Thatchers – 1%


Sadly, one story had to appear at the bottom and that dubious honor has gone to ‘The Six Thatchers’. It seems most fans weren’t impressed with the season four opener, which focussed on Mary’s backstory and her eventual, shocking death. That said, despite its paltry percentage, ‘The Six Thatcher’s still managed to pull in a decent number of votes.


12. The Empty Hearse – 3%


This placing isn’t much of a surprise. Back in 2015, we ran a similar poll to rank the nine episode of Sherlock that existed back then. On that occasion, ‘The Empty Hearse’ was voted second from bottom – just as it is here. It did, however, receive over twice as many votes as ‘The Six Thatchers.’


11. The Abominable Bride – 3%


An episode that uprooted the show from its usual modern-day setting and deposited Sherlock and John back in their original Victorian age home was always going to put off some people. While almost a hundred fans enjoyed ‘The Abominable Bride’, many were not won over by its twisty-turny plot and unusual period elements.




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