20 Greatest Portrayals of Sherlock Holmes

3. Basil Rathbone


The star of 14 movies made during wartime, Basil Rathbone was the definitive Sherlock Holmes for decades in the public imagination. His Holmes is a proper hero, protecting the world from a seemingly unkillable Moriarty, diabolical villains and Nazis. Placing Rathbone in the top three Holmeses ever is simply… elementary.


2. Jeremy Brett


Jeremy Brett played Sherlock Holmes on TV for ten years and in doing so imprinted himself into fans’ hearts. It was the aim of the production team to film every Conan Doyle story, but sadly Brett’s declining health and untimely death prevented that. He still remains the most authentic, most complete recreation of the character on the page.


1. Benedict Cumberbatch


We’re a Sherlock fansite, so we sort of have to put Cumberbatch top. Regardless of that, we would anyway as – like Rathbone and Brett before him – Benedict has successfully brought Doyle’s character to the screen as well as making him his own. What’s for sure is that Cumberbatch will be indelibly connected to the ongoing legend of Sherlock Holmes for a long time to come.


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