20 Greatest Portrayals of Sherlock Holmes

6. Robert Downey Jr


Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes was hardly the typical version of the character, but his genius action-hero hobo was a lot of fun to watch in 2009’s Sherlock Holmes and its 2011 follow-up A Game of Shadows. A third outing for Downey is apparently currently in the works.


5. Jonny Lee Miller


Likewise, modern update Elementary might take some liberties with the source material but Jonny Lee Miller still stands as the actor to play Sherlock Holmes the most (in nearly 100 episodes). His take on the character is very human and flawed, with a terrific friendship with Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson.


4. Clive Merrison


The only actor to portray the character on radio on this list, Clive Merrison earns his place because he is the only actor to play Holmes in adaptations of all 60 Sherlock Holmes stories written by Conan Doyle. He also perfectly performs the many aspects of the character – his sharp intellect, mood swings and underlying warmth.


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