The Sherloscars 2017 – Results


*Cue applause and music as host walks up to podium*

Welcome Sherlock fans to the second annual Sherloscars – the awards ceremony devoted to the best work related to our favourite TV show in the past year. We have had thousands of votes from you in all ten categories. But now the results are in and we can reveal the winners…


Best Episode of Sherlock Series Four?


The Runners-Up Are:

I Can’t Choose Between Them! – 7%

The Six Thatchers – 10%

The Final Problem – 37%


And The Winner Is:

The Lying Detective – 46%


While ‘The Six Thatchers’ was unfortunately a clear third place, the race was tight between the second and third episodes of the season… Yet ‘The Lying Detective’ won out in the end by a decent lead of 9%. This proves that the episode’s third place position in our recent poll to rank every Sherlock episode was no fluke.

7% also loved the whole season so much that you voted for “I can’t choose between them!”




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