The Sherloscars 2017 – Results

Best Series of Sherlock Ever


The Runners-Up Are:

Series One – 14%

Series Four – 16%

Series Three – 22%


And The Winner Is:

La La Land! No, wait sorry that’s the wrong envelope. It’s actually…

Series Two – 48%


Just for fun – and because, whisper it, Series Four might be the last Sherlock series ever – we also asked you to vote for your favourite Sherlock season. The clear winner turned out to be Series Two – that’s not surprising when you consider that two out of its three episodes were in the number one and two positions on our recent Sherlock episodes poll. Interestingly, Series Three nabbed second place, with the recent Series Four coming in at third.


What are your thoughts on the winners of our polls? Sound off in the comments!


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